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Piano Program


In the first half of the 20th century, Rudolph Ganz, legendary pianist, conductor and pedagogue, built the Piano Studies program at the Chicago Musical College (now the Chicago College of Performing Arts - CCPA) to extraordinary heights. The many years in which he taught firmly established his legacy as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. He established a vision that continued the great musical traditions of the past while exploring the music of his time. Contemporary music played an integral part of his musical life as he introduced composers such as Debussy, Ravel and Bartok to American audiences.

Today, the piano program builds upon the rich foundations long associated with Maestro Ganz Forging its own distinct path in this new century, the program is adapting to changing circumstances in an ever-evolving classical music world. While continuing Ganz's spirit of exploration and visions of furthering the art form through the music of the present, the program maintains its focus on integrity and excellence: embracing and revering the master composers of previous centuries, for they provide the eternal nourishment and spark that fuels the entire art form.

Our world-renowned piano faculty, comprised of distinguished pedagogues and some of today's most pre-eminent concert artists, offers the highest quality of teaching. The CCPA maintains a supportive and nurturing environment designed to allow maximum room for student growth, both personally and artistically. The type of students we cultivate become more experienced performers, but also learn to explore their creativity, have a more informed sense of the historical and philosophical context behind the music, study music in conjunction with art and literature, become acquainted with historical performance practice, develop a hunger to discover excellent contemporary music, and most importantly, develop their own individual artistry and musical vision.

Ideally located in the heart of downtown Chicago, Roosevelt University is situated within easy walking distance of the Chicago Symphony, the Art Institute and the Lyric Opera. Being in one of the world's most exciting cities, there are ample opportunities for our pianists to network, to perform in a variety of venues and attend concerts of the highest echelon of performers. We offer a weekly performance seminar, which allows for students to play frequently in front of their peers, while faculty engage them in discussions on a large variety of pianistic and musical issues.

Additionally, guest artist master classes, workshops and performance festivals provide extra opportunities for our students to immerse themselves in. CCPA offers a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Music program, as well as a Performance Diploma program (for post-Master students). Our strong and varied body of international piano students is further served by our unique ELP program, which allows foreign students to study only English and Piano intensively, to prepare them for future entrance into either the BM or MM programs. CCPA is an ideal place for young musicians; where an abundant history, vibrant present and exciting future meet. When talking to a group of young musicians, Rudolph Ganz said, "Opportunities come to the prepared." Our piano program gives the tools necessary for students to pursue their careers as concert performers and teachers, while preparing them for a life rich in music.