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Music Education


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Will I be able to perform as a music educator?

Our music education students are expected to perform in ensembles and often organize additional recitals, concerts, combos and performances. You are treated as a performer in our music education program

What is the difference between a single major in music education and a double major in applied study and music education?

The single major is a four year degree, with a senior recital in the seventh semester.
The double major is a five-year degree, with a junior recital in the fourth year of study and a senior recital in the fifth year of study. The double major includes additional coursework that is included in the applied major, and not in the single music education major. Both degrees have an emphasis on excellence in your performance instrument.

How do I become a double major?

The audition process is the same. Your academic achievements are considered, as the double major is one that requires a student to balance their responsibilities so that the extra requirements can be handled successfully. A student may audition for the double major at their initial audition or during their degree program as a current single major in the music education program.

Do I have faculty support after I graduate?

We assist graduates of our program during and after graduation, communicating jobs that we may become aware of and in recommending students for jobs. Our alumni often reach out to us and make us aware of jobs that may open in their districts, as well. The vast network that is available through our faculty is available to students as they transition to professional teaching careers.