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Jazz & Contemporary Music Studies


Music Conservatory - Jazz Ensemble

Can I select my own studio instructor?

You may apply to be in a specific instructor’s studio; if accepted, you will be his/her student.

How often do I have a lesson with my teacher?

Lessons are weekly and last one hour.

How many students are in the program?

There are currently 30 Jazz and Contemporary Music majors.

What ensembles can I expect to perform in?

All instrumentalists will rotate through the combo sequence, which changes each semester. Most instrumentalists will also be in one of the large ensembles (nonet or Latin Jazz Ensemble) or be in the band for new Deal or vocal performance class. Vocalists will be in New Deal and Vocal Performance Class each semester and will participate in combos for four semesters.

Is there a recording studio on campus?

We are currently expanding our piano recital hall to include a recording booth and facilities for live recording.

Can I learn recording and music notation programs?

The CCPA computer lab is equipped with Pro Tools, Finale, and Sibelius software.

Are there gigging opportunities in Chicago?

Chicago has one of the best live music scenes in the country, and CCPA is in the heart of it. Students regularly gig in nearby clubs and restaurants and frequently perform at University events.

What have recent CCPA Jazz and Contemporary Music Studies students gone on to do?

A recent CCPA grad is currently musical director for Jamie Lono of The Voice, while a current student just auditioned for American Idol and made it through the executive producer (third) round. Many of our students pursue advanced degrees: one recently received his master’s from Michigan State University, while another is finishing his doctorate at the University of Miami.