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(En)gendering Social Justice: A Symposium for Undergraduate Student Work in Women's and Gender Studies

WHEN: Friday, February 28, 2014

WHERE: Roosevelt University – Chicago Campus –AUD 244
Auditorium Building, 430 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60605

WHEN: 8:45 AM to 12:00 PM  

9:00-9:50am- Panel 1: Transgressions & Intersections

Bri Miers- "Systemic Stigmas: The Wrongful Persecution & Conviction of Transgender Individuals"

Grant Ladniak- "Men in Feminism”

Taylor Massa- “Women of Color in the BDSM/Professional Mistress Community”


10:00- 10:50am- Panel 2: Representations

Peter Saunders- "Consent to Catastrophe: The Schism of Gender in Requiem for a Dream"

Kathlynn Thomason- "Mary White Rowlandson, Psalms, and David"

Nyameer Puok- “Oh No You Didn’t: Representation of Black Women in Film and Popular Culture”


11:00- 11:50am- Panel 3: Methods & Theories

Donovan Snyder- "Gender Revolution: A Call for Gender Justice and an Expanse of Gender Theory"

Caitlyn Hill- “The Problem with Going Gaga”

Gianna Chacon, Danielle Cooperstock, Erin McGuire & Brenden Paradies - "Rethinking the American Dream and Feminist Research through a Readers Theater"


12:00pm- Trivia Lunch (space limited and RSVP required before Feb 21 to

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