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MA in Sociology

The graduate program leading to the Sociology Master of Arts is focused primarily on issues of globalization and social justice. Through coursework, students gain a rich understanding of the general sociological perspective and specific command of critical, conflict-orientated sociology that stresses issues of globalization, social inequality, and social justice on a global scale. The economic, technological, political, cultural, and environmental dimensions of contemporary globalization are examined. Questions are raised about the uniqueness of the current era of globalization in relation to earlier periods and the changing profile of global inequalities. The critical analysis of the problems and prospects of movements for global justice forms the final component of the program.

Program Description

To earn a master’s degree in Sociology, students choose one of the following two tracks:

1. 36 semester hours of graduate course work, including a three-hour Research & Writing Project (SOC 492).

2. 36 semester hours of graduate course work, including a six-hour research based thesis (SOC 490) or an experiential learning project (SOC 491).


The coursework for the MA is Sociology is based at the Roosevelt University’s Chicago campus (with only few exceptions).

1. Applicants with an overall undergraduate GPA of 2.7 or higher are admitted based upon previous academic performance.
2. Evaluation of a one page admission essay explaining their desire to pursue graduate work in Sociology.
3. Applicants also should have completed four undergraduate sociology classes with a GPA of 3.25 or higher.

Important: Applicants not meeting the above requirements will be considered for admission by submitting a detailed work history, record of community activism, letters of reference, or with approval of the graduate advisor. In certain instances, applicants may be admitted on a probationary basis with special restrictions.


To earn the MA in sociology, students may choose to complete 36 semester hours of coursework, including six semester hours of Thesis (SOC 490) or Experiential Research & Learning (SOC 491); or 36 semester hours of coursework including three semester hours of Research & Writing (SOC 492). For students in both tracks, there are four courses required. Each must be taken the first time it is offered after the student has been admitted to the program. Students electing the thesis or experiential research and learning option must have a GPA of 3.5 after 27 credit hours. Coursework must be completed with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and include a MA paper, thesis, or experiential research & learning project. Students should consult with the graduate advisor before deciding on an option.

Up to six semester hours of transfer credit may be counted upon approval by the sociology faculty, providing these credits are in compliance with University requirements. With approval from the sociology faculty, up to six semester hours in related disciplines may be included.

All students must complete an oral examination or defense of their work in SOC 490, SOC 491, or SOC 492. Upon completion of written work, students schedule an oral defense with a faculty committee (faculty chair and second reader). A final grade for the project will not be submitted until the student presents an oral defense of his or her work. The oral defense must be completed in a timely fashion to meet university deadlines for graduation.

The above information and more is available in The Graduate Program Handbook.

Thesis and Experiential Research & Learning Option

Students selecting this option have two choices, a research based thesis or an experiential research and learning project. In both cases, students must submit a written proposal, including a proposed bibliography, list of research questions, and methodology statement or description of experiential learning project. Both the proposal and the completed thesis or project must be approved by a committee of two faculty members. The chair of the committee must hold full-time appointment in sociology.

Follow the links below for information regarding registration requirements, forming a faculty committee, presentation and evaluation guidelines and step-by-step time lines for the Thesis (SOC 490) and Experiential Research & Learning (SOC 491) options.

Research and Writing Option

Students must submit a written MA paper proposal, including a proposed bibliography. Both the proposal and the completed project must be approved by a committee of two faculty members. The chair of the committee must hold full-time appointment in sociology.

See the following link for a full description of the Research and Writing (SOC 492) option requirements, including information on registration requirements, forming a faculty committee, presentation and evaluation guidelines, and a step-by-step timeline.

You can also download this Guide to Theses, MA Papers, and Experiential Research & Learning Projects.

This link will take you to the Sociology MA Program Requirements and Course Descriptions in the University catalog.