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BA in Sociology

Sociology, like the other social sciences, focuses on human behavior. What distinguishes Sociology from these other disciplines is its emphasis on social structure as a means of analyzing and interpreting that behavior.

In addition to a curriculum that centers on traditional sociological perspectives, the Sociology program at Roosevelt University provides students with a grasp of research and theoretical principles and the opportunity to develop that understanding in classes selected to fit individual interests and career goals.

A degree in Sociology provides students with analytical skills, the ability to design research projects, and what is perhaps most important, real insight into the human condition, talents that can be used in a variety of occupational settings.

Students may seek Bachelor of Arts or Master's degrees in Sociology at Roosevelt University.

Major in Sociology leading to a BA degree

Sociology majors must complete at least 33 semester hours of work in the discipline. Transfer students must take a minimum of five courses (15 semester hours) in sociology at Roosevelt University, including the required 300-level course in social inequality. All major coursework must be completed with a grade no lower than a "C-". All majors must complete the core courses listed below.

Sociology BA Program Requirements and Course Descriptions 

Minor in Sociology

The requirements for the minor are six courses in sociology, at least two of which must be completed at Roosevelt University. All minor coursework must be completed with a grade no lower than a "C-".

Minor in Sociology Program Requirements and Course Descriptions 


The study of sociology provides excellent preparation to those planning careers in social work, counseling, journalism, law, business, public service, community service, and teaching.