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State Licensure

Many U.S. states have established a license to practice for individuals holding MA/MS degrees in psychology, counseling, and related fields.  According to current law, Illinois recognizes two levels of this profession.  The basic level license is called Professional Counselor (LPC - the acronym stands for "Licensed Professional Counselor") and the higher level is called Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC - the acronym stands for "Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor").  In order to use these titles, one must apply to the state for the appropriate license.  Application for the second level requires the first level license plus two years of practical experience.  One of the routes to apply for the first level license is, in part, the completion of a MA/MS degree in psychology.  When you apply for the license, the State of Illinois will ask you to complete a form showing that you completed at least one course in ten of the sixteen areas listed below.  The text listed under "RU Courses" identifies courses in the Clinical Professional curriculum that satisfy this requirement.  You will see that the Clinical Professional Psychology curriculum satisfies this requirement.

CACREP Dimensions RU Courses

Human Growth & Development

PSYC 636 Human Development

Counseling Theory

PSYC 505 Clinical & Counseling Psychology

Counseling Techniques

PSYC 520 Basic Clinical Skills OR PSYC 641 Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies OR PSYC 642 Insight Psychotherapies

Group Dynamics, Processing & Counseling

PSYC 650 Group Psychotherapy

Appraisal of Individual

PSYC 619 Survey of Psychological Appraisal OR PSYC 620 Intellectual Assessment OR PSYC 625 Personality Assessment

Research & Evaluation

PSYC 530 Advanced Research Methods

Professional, Legal, & Ethical Responsibilities

PSYC 635 Professional, Legal & Ethical Issues

Social & Cultural Foundations

PSYC 644 Multicultural Psychology & Psychotherapy

Life-Style and Career Development

CHS 417 Career and Lifestyle Planning


PSYC 698A AND PSYC 698B OR PSYC 699 Practicum

Substance Abuse

PSYC 515 Chemical Dependence

Counseling Education

Counseling Supervision

Counseling Administration

Maladaptive Behavior & Psychopathology

PSYC 516 Psychopathology

Family Dynamics

PSYC 655 Couples and Family Therapy

The state may ask you to provide a list of descriptions of the courses you completed.  A list of course descriptions for courses required for the Clinical Professional Psychology Program is available here.  If you completed elective courses, descriptions for those courses are available in the Graduate Catalog

Laws are subject to change and you are encouraged to visit the website of Illinois' Department of Financial and Professional Regulation ( for updates on the LPC and LCPC law status.  Other states charge similarly named departments with oversight of these professions.  For links to state websites visit:

You will be required to take the National Counselor Examination (NCE) as part of your application for your first state license (LPC) and for the National Certified Counselor credential.  You may take the NCE on campus during your final semester.  The NCE is offered on campus in October and April.  Look for a MAC-FAQs emailed to your '' address for application information.

If you are looking for information on books and courses to help you prepare for the National Counselor Exam (NCE) visit these websites: (National Board for Certified Counselors) (Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences)