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Industrial/Organizational PhD Program Curriculum

1. Required Foundation Courses

Intermediate Statistics
Advanced Statistics
Multivariate Statistics
Advanced Research Methods (I/O)
Advanced Organizational Psychology
Advanced Industrial Psychology
Employee Selection
Training and Development in Organizations
Leadership and Employee Motivation
Ethical Issues in Organizational Consulting and Practice
M.A. Thesis (6 Hours)
Doctoral Research (6 Hours)

2. Required General courses (must take 3 courses)

Advanced Personality Theory
Social Psychology and Group Dynamics
Human Development
History and Systems
Instructor Development Seminar
Cognitive, Affective, and Learning Bases of Behavior

3. Electives (must take 6 courses)

Employment Testing
Instructional Design and Training
Questionnaire Development
Organization Behavior and Practice
Organizational Assessment and Development
Occupational Health and Safety
Community Psychology and Social Justice
Diversity in Organizations
Groups and Teams in Organizations
Structural Equation Modeling
Item Response and Classical Test Theories
Hierarchical Linear Modeling
Performance Appraisal and Feedback
Human Factors in Organizations
Applied Psychological Measurement

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