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Welcome to the Industrial and Organizational Psychology Programs at Roosevelt University

Roosevelt University offers three different degree programs (Ph.D., M.A., dual M.A.-M.B.A. degrees) in Industrial and Organizational (I-O) Psychology at the Chicago campus. There are seven core faculty members in the programs who are specialized in a wide area of I-O Psychology topics. The programs are designed to provide a mix of formal education, applied experience, and extracurricular activities. Further, the program is structured to cater to both students who are interested in research and applied careers.

  • All 3 programs are available at the Chicago campus.

  • Dual Degree Option: As a result of the unique interdisciplinary cooperation between the College of Arts and Sciences and Heller College of Business, Roosevelt offers qualified students the option to obtain a dual degree of both an MA in I-O Psychology and an MBA with a concentration in I-O Psychology.

  • Wide Area of Faculty Members’ Expertise: We conduct research and consult organizations on various I-O topics. Examples of faculty research expertise include: work-family conflict, organizational effectiveness and culture, commitment, occupational health, social networks, leadership, teams, selection, testing, statistics, and more!

  • Research Active Faculty: The faculty members and graduate students work closely in their research programs. They are frequent contributors to scholarly journals as well as conferences. Check on the faculty page for more information about the research programs.

  • Extracurricular Activities: Students have opportunities to participate in various activities outside class. For example, every year students have the opportunity to compete in an internal consulting challenge in which teams of students work on the same business case and present their solutions to a panel of 10+ committee members who are comprised of our faculty members, alumni who work in organizations, and current senior Ph.D. students. Students are also able to participate in the Minnesota Consulting Challenge, a 3-day intensive competition in which teams are comprised of other I-O students from across the nation.

  • Student-led Organization: What you want to make out of graduate education is all up to you. At this level, it is not the faculty telling you what to study and learn. YOU make your own education and experience and we can guide you along that journey. You will find life-long friends at RU; friends who help each other while in the program and throughout each others careers! Students are also encouraged to check out the Roosevelt Industrial & Organizational Psychology Association (RIOPA), a student-led organization which provides you with interesting workshops where you learn critical professional skills, invites speakers from different organizations, and sets up fun social activities. Come to our programs and help us shape your education!

Training in all programs focuses on research foundations of I-O and applying that knowledge in organizations. More information on our programs can be found through the menu options at left, or by clicking below.

Ph.D. in I-O Psychology

M.A. in I-O Psychology

Dual M.A./MBA Degree Option