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Concentration in Neuroscience - Undergraduate

The Neuroscience Concentration allows students to study the biological basis of behavior and organizational principles of brain functioning in depth. Students are encouraged to take courses in both psychology and biology because of the field’s interdisciplinary nature; however, students can meet concentration requirements from classes offered by the Department of Psychology alone. This concentration is well suited for students planning to go on to clinical neuropsychology, medicine, pharmacology, neuroscience, or allied health fields.


Four courses (at least 12 semester hours) are required from the list below. One of the four courses must have a service learning component or a laboratory component. The courses with asterisks, below, meet the service learning/laboratory requirement for the concentration.

BIOL 201* Organismic Biology .....3
BIOL 301* Cellular and Molecular Biology .....3
PSYC 310 Fundamentals of Behavioral Neuroscience .....3
PSYC 325 Sensation and Perception .....3
PSYC 326 Cognitive Processes .....3
PSYC 336 Brain and Behavior .....3
PSYC 350* Human Neuropsychology .....3