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Concentration in Forensic Psychology - Undergraduate

The Concentration in Forensic Psychology allows students to study the field of psychology and the law in depth. Students will explore areas such as police investigation, court proceedings, policy work, and learn about professions related to the forensic arena. Drawing on knowledge from a range of subfields in psychology, students will gain first-hand experience with forensic research and related clinical interventions with forensic populations. This concentration is well suited for students planning to pursue graduate school in forensic psychology, clinical psychology, experimental psychology (cognitive, developmental, or social psychology), criminology/criminal justice, or law school.


Four courses (at least 12 semester hours) are required from the list below. Students must enroll in PSYC 351: Law and Psychology. Students must also select a second class that has a service learning component or a laboratory component as part of their coursework. The courses with asterisks in the list below meet the service learning/laboratory requirement for the concentration.

CJL 200 Introduction to Criminal Justice .....3
PSYC 106 Forensic Science .....3
PSYC 351 Law and Psychology .....3
PSYC 360 Eyewitness Testimony .....3
PSYC 368* Child Abuse and Family Violence .....3
PSYC 391* Advanced Forensic Psychology Seminar .....3
PSYC 392 Children, Psychology, and the Law .....3