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Concentration in Child and Family Studies - Undergraduate

The Concentration in Child and Family Studies allows undergraduates to learn about child development from an interdisciplinary perspective, and addresses areas such as parenting, schooling, and the place of children and families in society.


Four courses (12 semester hours) are required to earn a Concentration in Child and Family Studies. Students choose three electives from the list below. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of this concentration, students must choose at least one elective in an area/department outside of their major (at least one must be at the 300 level).

The fourth course is the capstone class (PSYC 398: Field Placement with Children and Families) in which students complete a 72 hour service-learning placement in an organized setting that caters to children and families, e.g., school classrooms, child care facilities, after-school YMCA programs, pediatric health care settings. Early enrollment and instructor approval are required for this capstone class.

Choose three courses from the following

CJL 220 Juvenile Justice .....3
ECHD 309 /SPED 309 Child, Family and Community .....3
ECHD 334 Language Development .....3
EDUC 210 Child Development for Educators: Infancy Through Adolescence -OR- (see PSYC 254) .....3
EDUC 311 Adolescent Development .....3
PSYC 215 Learning Disabilities and ADHD .....3
PSYC 254 Childhood and Adolescence - OR - (see EDUC 210) .....3
PSYC 319 Child Psychopathology .....3
PSYC 368 Child Abuse and Family Violence .....3
PSYC 381 Children and Families .....3
PSYC 392 Children, Psychology and the Law .....3
READ 339 Young Adult Literature .....3
SOC 215 The Family .....3

Required Course

PSYC 398 Field Placement with Children .....3