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Professional Societies

Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Mathematical Societies
Mathematical Association of America
The major society for professors and students of collegiate mathematics.
American Statistical Association
Society of academic and professional statisticians.
Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics
Members are professors, students, and working professionals.
Society of Actuaries
Administers the examination program for certification and advancement of actuaries. Located in Schaumburg.
Casualty Actuary Society
Another track in the Actuarial examination process.
Students in Mathematics
More links.
Math Awareness Month
Information on the April event.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Those interested in mathematics in grades K-12.
Two-Year College Math
Mathematics up to calculus and linear algebra.
American Mathematical Society
Research mathematicians and graduate students.
Illinois Section of MAA
Activities within Illinois.
Transfer Math Courses
Illinois standards for mathematics requirements in general education.
The Metropolitan Mathematics Club of Chicago
Mainly high school mathematics.
These society web pages contain information of interest to professionals, to students, and to the general public. Some sites have pages specifically for students and many of the societies offer student memberships. See room AUD 520 downtown or room SCH 600I at Robin for brochures.
Computing Societies
Association for Computing Machinery
Humans interested in software, education, and theoretical foundations.
IEEE Computer Society
A greater interest here in hardware results from its origins within Electrical Engineering.
AITP -- Association of Information Technology Professionals
Major interest in business data processing and information systems.
Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals Administers the CCP examination.    Computer Science Accreditation
Organization which accredits B.S. programs in Computer Science.
Student memberships are available in most of these organizations. Brochures are available from the Computer Science & Telecommunications offices. Professional membership and/or certification is a big plus on your resume.
Societies Related to Biology
National Institutes of Health
The government agency concerned with research in the medical sciences.
Society for Experimental Biology
A major national organization.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
A major private force in medical research.
Cell Biology Journal
A refereed professional journal of research results.
Research News
Fresh news for the student and the professional.
Biomedical Research News
Specialized news.
   National Science Foundation
The major governmental agency sponsoring research in all of the sciences.
Brochures are available from the School of Science & Mathematics offices (room AUD 520 Chicago, room SCH 600B Schaumburg).

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