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Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Full Time Faculty

For faculty contact information, please refer to the University Directory.

Steve Cohen, Associate Professor and Director Division of Professional Arts and Sciences
Cathy Evins, Instructor and Co-Coordinator of Developmental and General Education Mathematics
Bárbara González, Associate Professor and Chair
Wanwan Huang, Assistant Professor
Ming-Jeng Lin, Associate Professor
Melanie Pivarski, Assistant Professor and Assistant Department Chair
Wilfredo Urbina-Romero, AssociateProfessor and Graduate Coordinator
Yao Wang, Professor and Actuarial Science Coordinator
Mary Williams, Instructor and Co-Coordinator of Developmental and General Education Mathematics

The following are Computer Science and Economics faculty currently teaching for the Mathematics and Actuarial Science Department:

Evgeny Dantsin, Associate Professor
June Lapidus, Associate Professor
Ken Mihavics, Associate Professor
Alexander Wolpert, Professor

Emeriti Professors

Andy Carter
John Currano
Jimmie Johnson
Max Plager
Ray Shepherd

Adjunct Faculty 

Adjunct faculty rooms are located at AUD 560 (Chicago) and SCH 600 (Schaumburg).

You may contact adjunct faculty members through email.

Renee Alpern,
Ernest Berman,
Andrea Carter,
Hippolyte Datte,
Robert DiMartino,
Diane Field,
Amanda Fisher,
Derek Fivelson,
Erika Huber,
Katherine Kravitz,
Anna Makarov,
Kurpad Murthy,
Luke Papademas,
Pierre Pouladdege,
Sharon Rak,
Jorge Rodriguez-Florido,
Marlene Sachs,
Jerry Sychra,
Ken Touff,
Philip Unell,
Biju Varghese,

Jimmie Johnson Cathy Evins Andy Carter Mary Williams Yao Wang Steve Cohen Melanie Pivarski Barbara Gonzalez Wilfredo Urbina Ming Jeng Lin Jie Yu Ray Shepherd John Currano