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Oyez Review

Oyez Review is Roosevelt’s award-winning literary magazine, in continuous publication for over forty years. The magazine is edited, produced, and marketed by a team of MFA candidates enrolled in English 483, Literary Magazine Production. This hands-on course fulfills the internship requirement for the MFA, but more importantly, it promotes a strong sense of community as students learn a range of essential publishing skills: evaluating submissions from writers across the nation, communicating productively with authors, designing and producing the publication and related publicity materials, negotiating with printers, and publicizing, marketing, and distributing the finished magazine.

Such skills prepare our graduates for a variety of employment opportunities, whether in magazine or book publishing or the many publication departments of corporations and nonprofit agencies. These internships may also pave the way for careers in marketing or educational publishing.

Further, after completing English 483, students are eligible for one of three internships with tuition waivers: the spring internship emphasizes marketing and distribution of Oyez Review; the summer internship focuses on distribution of the magazine and targeting authors from whom we’d like to solicit contributions; and the fall internship allows an outstanding Oyez student to edit the magazine for one term, guiding fellow staff members through the whole process, from reading the first submission to presenting the new, polished issue to the reading public.

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