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Study Abroad

Roosevelt University-Sussex Exchange

Roosevelt University’s Department of History has inaugurated its first study abroad exchange program with the University of Sussex in England.  Each year two Roosevelt students will take courses at the University of Sussex and students from the University of Sussex taking American studies courses will study at Roosevelt University. Professor Erik Gellman serves as the department contact for the exchange.  Inquiries should be sent to him at For application information about this and other exchanges, contact Joanne Canyon-Heller, Assistant Provost for International Academic Programs and Summer Sessions, at 312-281-3250 or

Spring 2015 Study Abroad Course

History of Peru.  Conquest, Colonization and Contemporary Struggle in the Andean World.

This course will trace the political, economic, social, and cultural development of the Peruvian Andes taking special care to recognize the region's long history of insurrection and resistance.  From the ancient Tiwanaku civilization to the Inka Empire, from the Spanish Conquest to the formation of Shining Path in the 1980s, we will consider how Andean cultural traditions have persisted despite centuries of marginalization and exploitation.

For more information, contact Carmen Kordick at