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Minor in Economics

Department of Economics


The benefits of being an economics major transfer to a large extent to the economics minor: acquiring analytical and critical reasoning skills, impressing future employers, higher than average wages, and understanding how the world works, among others.

By being an economics minor, you become eligible to take Economics 360, the new exciting Economics Internship program, where you work or volunteer in the real world to get real world experience.  Economics 360 can also count as one of your electives.  Information about Economics 360.

“Majoring in economics at Roosevelt University seems a wise choice for students because, in this fast changing world, it gives one the opportunity to acquire multiple frameworks to make sense of what is happening -- now and for the future.  But if one has chosen another major, that is fine; because a student can easily do a Minor in economics.  That seems a good compromise.” -- Professor Steve Balkin

Complete information about the Minor in Economics.