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Major in Economics

Department of Economics

The Program

The undergraduate major in Economics was one of the first majors offered at Roosevelt University. Roosevelt's hundreds of graduates are now pursuing successful careers in business, law, government, labor, and education. The program aims at providing students with a solid understanding of contemporary economics from both traditional and non-traditional points of view.

Course offerings regularly include courses addressed to the theory of the market economy, the business cycle, economic policy, international trade and development, the economics of women, contemporary labor problems, the economics of the public sector, the economics of money and banking, and economic statistics.

Job opportunities

Nationwide, economics graduates continue to be well paid and in demand . The American Economics Association maintains a clearinghouse of job opportunities for economists (MA and PhD).

The skills acquired in studying economics are applicable to a wide variety of job responsibilities and many occupations. Roosevelt economics graduates have pursued careers in teaching, urban planning, statistical analysis, the law, labor research, financial analysis, and journalism, among others.

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