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Resources for Computer Science Students

Department of Computer Science and Information Technology


Tutoring on computer science course topics is provided by Graduate Assistants per a schedule developed each semester.  Students can contact advisors for more detailed information.

Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of assistantships/fellowships are available for CST graduate students. These are awarded on merit and scheduling availability. Each academic year we expect 10 students to receive graduate assistantships (GAs) from the Department of CST GAs assist in the dept. for approximately 15 hours/week. All fellowships/assistantships are awarded/administered by the CST's Fellowships and GA Committee. These positions and are available for first year graduate students as well as continuing graduate students. The CST dept. administers this financial pool based on applicants qualifications and the dept. needs.

Positions for Graduate Students

The type of part-time research positions open to graduate students as well as the salaries and the minimum formal qualifications are listed in the following table.

Title Qualifications Award Type
Graduate Assistant (GA) Must be enrolled as a full-time CST graduate student (minimum of 9 sem hours) and not working outside the university more than 17 hours per week. International students can only work up to 17 hours per week (of which the GA counts for 15). RU only employs any student up to 17 hours per week on campus (of which the GA counts for 15).


Partial tuition waiver plus cash stipend
Miner Scholarship Student majoring in the Department of CST, with an excellent GPA and coursework background. These are awarded each semester on a competitive basis. Undergraduate students may also apply. Partial tuition waiver

Application Procedure

To be considered for a position:

  1. You must be admitted to the program
  2. Your GPA in the two most recent semesters of study must be 3.3 or higher
  3. CS majors must register for CST 405 and 408 in their first two semesters of study

The following dates are important:

  • If you'd like to be considered for Fall semester of the year 20xx, your application package must be delivered to CST by July 1, 20xx for a Miner Scholarship and August 15 for a GA position. 
  •  If you'd like to be considered for Spring semester of the year 20xx, your application must be delivered for CST by November 1, 20xx for a Miner Scholarship and December 15 for a GA postion.

Your application package must contain the following documents:

Type of Document New Students Continuing Students
Completed Application X X
Two letters of recommendation X X
Proposed schedule of courses for the coming term   X
Evaluation from supervising faculty member   X
Essay (why you want to study in CST) X  
Test Scores (ACT or SAT, undergrads only) X  


The Robert Miner Scholarship

The Robert Miner Scholarship is an endowed scholarship program that provides financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students in Roosevelt University's Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications. It established in 2000 by a generous gift from Roosevelt alumna Florence Miner. The scholarship honors Ms. Miner's brother, Robert Miner, the co-founder of Oracle Corporation. Along with his partner, Lawrence Ellison, Robert Miner founded Software Development Labs. In 1977, this start-up company became Oracle, which today is the world's second largest independent software company. Mr. Miner died prematurely in 1994, leaving behind his tight-knit family and a highly successful computer software company.

By helping young computer science students realize their educational dreams and become the leaders of tomorrow, Ms. Miner sees the scholarship as a wonderful way to give something back to her alma mater and also honor the pioneering spirit of her late brother.

Eligibility: Robert Miner scholarships are applied for via the Office of Financial Aid.

Scholarship recipients may be invited and expected to attend a reception for awardees with members of Robert Miner's family.

Application Deadline: Refer to the Office of Financial Aid.


Internships in computer science and information technology fields are available from a variety of sources. Students interested in internships can contact advisors for additional information. Roosevelt's Career Development department helps students to define career goals and to find appropriate positions.