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Biological, Chemical and Physical Sciences Department

The Department of Biological, Chemical and Physical Sciences provides personalized, high-quality instruction and training for a variety of scientific careers and post-graduate studies. Our faculty are researchers and experienced teachers in areas ranging from molecular and cellular biology to organic chemistry to environmental science. Students who major in science are active participants in research as well as in a variety of student-led organizations and campus initiatives.

Programs of Study

Degrees Awarded

Department Contact

Dr. Vicky McKinley
Professor of Biology

Chicago Phone: 312-341-3682
Chicago Room: WB 816
Schaumburg Phone: 847-619-8559
Schaumburg Room: SCH 600-D

Dr. Robert Seiser
Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry
Assistant Chair, Graduate Coordinator

Chicago Phone: 312-322-7139
Chicago Room: WB 914-M
Schaumburg Phone: 847-619-8758
Schaumburg Room: SCH 600-B

Dr. Kristen Leckrone
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry and Biochemistry Coordinator

Chicago Phone: 312-341-3514
Chicago Room: WB 716-D
Schaumburg Phone: 847-619-8550
Schaumburg Room: SCH 600-J

Dr. Kelly Wentz
Associate Professor of Biology
Health Professions Advisor and Coordinator

Chicago Phone: 312-322-7107
Chicago Room: WB 914-J

Jocelyn Ashford-Yarbrough
Administrative Secretary

Schaumburg Phone: 847-619-8551
Schaumburg Room: SCH 600

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