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Travel Courses Led by Faculty

Spring, 2015 Courses 

Spring courses include travel to: Belize, Czech Republic, England, Guatemala, Ireland, Peru.

BELIZE  -  BIOL 323  Tropical Biology

Faculty Contact: Professor Paul Gross
Application - Belize

CZECH Republic  -  IMC 381/481  International Marketing Cultures: Prague

Faculty Contact: Professor Marian Azzaro
Application - Czech Republic

ENGLAND  -  ENG 363/463  Shakespeare
Faculty Contact: Professor Regina Buccola
Application - England

GUATEMALA  -  PSYC 335/435/645  Human Development as a Cultural Process
Faculty Contact: Professor Amy Dexter
             Application - Guatemala

IRELAND  -  IMC 491  International IMC Study Experience: Ireland
Faculty Contact: Professor Mary Ellen Schiller
             Application - Ireland

PERU  -  HIST 342  Special Topics: History of Peru
Faculty Contact: Professor Carmen Kordick

Application - Peru

Summer, 2014

ENG 363/463 Shakespeare, Collaborators, and Competitors - ENGLAND
Faculty Contact: Professor Regina Buccola

Spring, 2014

BIOL 369/469 Conservation Biology - TANZANIA
Faculty Contact: Professor Norbert Cordeiro

HIST 354/454 WWII History and Memory in the U.S. and Europe - FRANCE, GERMANY, NETHERLANDS

Faculty Contacts: Professor Chris Chulos and Professor Margaret Rung


IMC 381/481 Marketing Cultures - CHINA

Faculty Contact: Professor Marian Azzaro

IMC 491 International IMC Study Excursion - FRANCE

Faculty Contact:s: Professor Lawrence Fisher and Professor Mickey Brazeal


PSYC 383/483 Human Development as a Cultural Process -
PSYC 644/CHS 411 Multicultural Psychology: Transformational Learning through Immersion - GUATEMALA

Faculty Contact: Professor Amy Roberts


SOC 382/482 Whiteness in a Global Society - SOUTH AFRICA

Faculty Contact: Professor Heather Dalmage