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General Education

A Guidebook to the General Education Requirement for Students and Advisors

Some perspectives on general education

"I think if [Roosevelt University] can send out people who are trained to a sense of . . . personal responsibility, for what happens in their community, in their environment, then I think this College will have done a tremendous work for democracy at home and for a solution to the great world problems that we have . . . today." 
 - Eleanor Roosevelt

"The gains of education are never lost." 
  - Franklin D. Roosevelt

"You've got to know history...You should know the economic systems...The broader the study, the more expansive the scope, the better off you are...If there was one discipline I would stress, it would be in the field of communication: language, English, a foreign language." 
  - Harold Washington

Science education "has to be experiential and hands-on -- not only for the next generation of scientists, but so that we can have people who can read an article in the newspaper and figure out how to vote on it; so that we can have people in our legislatures, in our leadership positions, who understand the importance of the science they are funding or not funding." 
  - Mae Jemison (first woman of color in space)

The General Education Program consists of courses designed to support and supplement academic majors. These include courses in basic skills, distributional courses in humanities, social science, and science and integrative courses that explore themes from the perspective of a number of different disciplines.

For a complete listing of the general education requirements for College of Arts and Sciences students, please visit the undergraduate calalog.

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