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Mission and History

Roosevelt University's Institute for Politics is a center for political analysis in Illinois.  The Institute for Politics produces election analyses on a non-partisan basis to educate and inform citizens, journalists and elected officials about ongoing state and local elections.

This Institute for Politics follows the guidelines and purposes of Roosevelt University’s mission “to be a national leader in educating socially conscious citizens for active and dedicated lives in their professions and their communities.”

The Institute for Politics was founded in the summer of 2005 after a series of meetings between Roosevelt University Professor Paul Green and University administrators.  For many years, Professor Green has written about state and local politics in Illinois – centering much of his attention on elections, political parties and changing geo-political demographics.  It was his view that there was no single source to find non-partisan analyses of election results or trends and that students, citizens and others had to rely mainly on sketchy journalistic articles or biased political broadsides put out by hired public relation spin doctors.

Following the establishment of the Institute for Politics with Paul Green as its Director, the Institute sought and received a technology grant from AT&T Illinois to promote its mission of providing non-partisan election analysis.

The Institute for Politics used the grant to produce the technology to provide readable and understandable election analysis for all Illinois citizens via tables, maps, charts and prose.

Looking forward, the Institute for Politics will not only analyze elections but will sponsor seminars and workshops – featuring candidates, pundits and scholars who will discuss upcoming elections and current policy issues.