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Lecture Series

Past Events

  • On October 19, 2009, Professor Paul Rahe, Charles O. Lee and Louise K. Lee Chair in Western Heritage and Professor of History at Hillsdale College gave a lecture on, “Montesquieu and the Founding Fathers: Federalism, the Separation of Powers, and the Crisis of American Democracy.”
  • On November 16, 2009, Professor Richard Velkley, Celia Scott Weatherhead Professor of Philosophy at Tulane University gave a lecture on, “The Defect in the Natural Origin and the Problem of Law: Reflections on Rousseau’s Second Discourse and Social Contract.” 
  • On March 23, 2010, Professor Jerry Weinberger, Professor of Political Science at Michigan State University gave a lecture on, “Benjamin Franklin and the Pursuit of Happiness.”
  • On March 29, 2010, Professor Andrew Norris, Associate Professor of Political Science gave a lecture on, “Ridley Scott’s ‘The Blade Runner’ and the Myth of Lost Origins.”
  • On November 8, 2010, Professor David Schaefer (College of Holy Cross) gave a lecture on “Montaigne on Happiness.” 
  • On March 31, 2011, Professor Catherine Zuckert (University of Notre Dame) gave a lecture on “Plato’s Republic: A Tale of Two Cities . . . or even more.”  Professor Timothy Burns (Skidmore College) gave a commentary on Professor Zuckert’s paper. 
  • On April 14, 2011, Professor Ronna Burger (Tulane University) gave a lecture on “Laughter, Anger, and the Philosopher-King in Plato’s Republic.”  

Montesquieu Forum Seminars

On April 15, 2011, Professor Ronna Burger (Tulane University) led a two and a half-hour seminar on “Plato and Ancient Philosophy.”

Montesquieu Forum Constitution Day Event

On September 22, 2010, the Montesquieu Forum held a university wide event for Constitution Day on “What the Constitution Means to Me?” Four speakers offered their reflections in response to this question: Professor Svetozar Minkov, Professor Fabricio Prado, Dean Lynn Weiner, and Mr. Al Harris, Esq.

Montesquieu Forum High School Teachers Summer Academy

From July 11-15, 2011, we conducted our second summer Teachers Academy. This year twenty-one high school teachers assembled, from all parts of the Chicagoland area, and from all manner of schools, from public to private. Our lecturers included, Nathan Tarcov (University of Chicago) on Machiavelli and the Federalist Papers, Ralph Lerner (University of Chicago) on America’s Founding, Stuart D. Warner (Roosevelt University) on Montesquieu, Mark Rosen (Chicago-Kent College of Law) on the Constitution, Jessica Roney (Ohio University) on The Constitution and the Right to Bear Arms, and Maura Farrelly (Brandeis University) on Religious Toleration.

Montesquieu Forum High School Student Essay Contest

In 2011, we held our first high school students essay contest. The contest was open only to students of the high school teachers who attended our first Teachers Academy. From the dozens of essays we received, we selected five winners, with prize money ranging from $700 for first prize to $200 for fifth prize. On May 21, 2011, we held a dinner to honor the prize-winning students and their families.

Montesquieu Forum Student Reading Group

In the Spring semester of 2011, fourteen students gathered for twelve weeks to read and discuss John Locke’s Second Treatise on Government. The students were all named Montesquieu Junior Fellows and received a $300 stipend for their participation. Professor Paul Diduch of Carthage College was the group’s discussion leader.