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"Our Students Say..."

Students who have taken these courses say:

 “I truly learned more in this class than I ever have from any of my previous classes.  I went from knowing basically nothing about drug policy to being able to compile an entire report on the details of American drug policy complete with comprehensive policy recommendations.  Our trip to Amsterdam was my first time out of the country, and I will never forget it!”

 “Being a very 'hands-on' person, I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to have site visits locally and internationally; gaining personal experiences and insights on a specific topic I didn't know much about previously.”

 “Not only has Urban Human Rights been beneficial to my overall knowledge and depth of understanding of a host of issues, this class, through our comparative research, has granted me the ability to make an honest re-assessment of many views that are held to be true by policy-makers, and the American general public including myself. In addition, the hands-on curriculum that Dr. Barratt has provided through this course has been both an eye-opening and transformational experience that I will not soon forget.”