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Best of Chicago 2013:

ICDP named "Best Data-Based Wonky Activists for Drug Policy Reform"


'Flesh-Eating' Drug Reported in Area 

Suspected Krokodil a False Alarm (with video)

Krokodil Drug in America: Tissue Damage in Patients Could Be From 'Crocodile,' Not Heroin

Krokodil: Another Case of "Flesh Eating Drug" Suspected

On Cory Monteith:

Roosevelt University Drug Policy Researcher Weighs in on Overdose Death of Cory Monteith

Drug Policy Researcher Weighs in on Overdose Death of Cory Monteith

Editorial: Monteith death, local numbers emphasize urgency, depth of heroin problem

Good Samaritan Efforts in Missouri:

Local advocates rally at capitol to support "Good Samaritan" bill

Proposed Missouri law aimed at saving lives after drug overdoses

Heroin Epidemic in Illinois: 2013

Task Force Would Address Heroin "Epidemic" in Suburbs, State

Suburban Heroin Problem Called a "Medical Emergency"

Heroin, Prescription Drugs Often to Blame for Overdose Fatalities in County, State

As Suburban Heroin Crisis Rages, Education Efforts Ramp Up

Suburban Mom Continues Drug Abuse Information Crusade

Rising Opiate Overdose Deaths in County is Cause for Concern

Heroin Task Force Bill Passes

Coroner: DuPage Seeing Heroin Deaths at Record Pace

VIDEO: Caroline Kacena and ICDP's Kathie Kane-Willis on CBS Sunday Morning - Hooked on Heroin

Task Force to Study Heroin Use Among Youth in Illinois

Annual Forums on Drug Policy

Third Annual: ICDP Hosts Third Annual Forum on Drug Policy

Second Annual: Panel Discussions Focus On Drug Policy and Health Care Reform

First Annual: ICDP Promotes Discussion to Reform Drug Policies

                        Forum Addresses Current Drug Policy Consequences


Overdose Awareness Day 2012 - Rally and Vigil

Families and Friends Light Candles for Overdose Victims

17 Groups Unite for anti-drug Vigil in Schaumburg

Heroin Use Rises Among Young, Whites in Suburbs


"Understanding Suburban Heroin Use" Study Coverage

Study Explains Why People Use Heroin

Family, Hinsdale Center Take on Heroin

Study: Heroin Users Don't Know Drug's Risks

Study On Suburban Heroin Use Dispels Myths About Protective And Risk Factors


Illinois "Good Samaritan" Law Coverage

New Illinois law grants immunity for those reporting a drug overdose

Lawmakers Ponder Immunity in Overdose Cases


40th Anniversary Rally to End the War on Drugs

Rally Held in Chicago to End US War on Drugs

Preckwinkle, Pfleger denounce war on drugs

Protesta en Repudio a la Guerra Contra Las Drogas

VIDEO: Pfleger, Preckwinkle Join Drug War Protest

Preckwinkle says war on drugs a failure

War on Drugs a Failure, Many Say

Juneteenth Celebration Coincides with Rally to End War on Drugs

AUDIO: Juneteenth Celebration Coincides with Rally to End War on Drugs

Preckwinkle Calls for End to Drug War

Protestors Say War on Drugs Has Failed, Call for Its End

McCarthy: Law Enforcement Has 'War on Drugs' All Wrong

VIDEO: Toni Preckwinkle: War on Drugs a Failure


Heroin Use in Illinois: A Ten-Year Multiple Indicator Analysis coverage

Study: Chicago Has Worst Heroin Problem in U.S.

Heroin Use in McHenry County Skyrockets


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VIDEO: Ethan Nadelmann on the 40th Anniversary of Prohibition

VIDEO: Brad Pitt Lashes Out about the Drug War