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Affiliated Faculty

Al Bennett
Director and Professor of Sociology

Nona Burney
Associate Professor of Secondary Education

Jill Coleman
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Heather Dalmage
Professor of Sociology and Director of the Mansfield Institute for Social Justice and Transformation

David Faris
Assistant Professor of Political Science and Program Director of International Studies

Erik S. Gellman
Associate Director and Associate Professor of History

Brad Hunt
Associate Professor of Professional Studies and History

LaDonna Long
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Michael Maly
Associate Professor of Sociology and Chair of the Department of Sociology

Donnette Noble
Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership

Joel Okafor
Adjunct Instructor of African History and Politics

Kimberly Ruffin
Associate Professor of English and Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning

Melissa Sisco
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Susan Torres-Harding
Associate Professor of Psychology

Jacqueline Trussell
Adjunct Instructor of African American Studies and Religion