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Master of Science in Accounting Forensics (MSAF)

The Master of Science in Accounting Forensics (MSAF) is designed to prepare graduate students for a career in a new, exciting field of accounting. This program is for people of various professional backgrounds including accountants, tax professionals, attorneys, bankers, insurers, law enforcement personnel, government employees and recent college graduates. U.S. News & World Report identifies forensic accounting as one of the “20 hot job tracks of the future.”

Accounting forensics is the specialty practice that looks at the evidence behind the numbers and then digs into their contents. Forensic accountants, also referred to as forensic auditors or investigative auditors, often assist lawyers in performing investigations or acting as expert witnesses in the litigation process. Forensic accounting combines the skills of an accountant, an auditor and an investigator. To be successful in this profession, you should have a sense of curiosity and through the program you will develop strong analytical and deductive skills and professional judgment.

Program Information

The focus of the learning process is a shared responsibility of the student and instructor. Our classes are small, the contact personal. We stress teamwork and group projects, with many case analyses and written and oral presentations. Above all, we expect  each student to contribute to the education of his or her colleagues, believing that adult learners have considerable expertise to share with classmates.

Advisor for Graduate Studies

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