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MBA Frequently Asked Questions

How are the MBA and MS programs different?

There are very important differences. The first difference is that the MBA is a 13 course program while the other MS (MSA, MSAF, MSHRM, and MSRE) degrees require 11 courses. More importantly, the degrees have very different goals. The MBA is designed and perceived as a general management degree providing advanced knowledge and skills in all areas of business. The MS degree is a specialist degree focusing in one specific area. Deciding which degree to pursue has significant career implications and should not be made lightly.  You should choose the degree which will best help accomplish your career goals.

I don’t have an undergraduate degree in business. Will I have problems in my classes?

Approximately 40% of our MBA students do not have undergraduate business degrees.  These students bring in a wide and valuable variety of perspectives into our classes.  The core courses assume that the students do not have an undergraduate business degree; however, we also assume that these students have acquired most of the basic business terminology, philosophy and practices through career experiences. BADM 401 Graduate Business Orientation is designed to provide you with all the basic information you require.   Other help includes self-instructed CD-ROMs and videotapes available in our libraries.

I do have an undergraduate business degree. What does this mean for me with regards to the core courses?

Because the core courses are designed with the assumption that the student does not have an undergraduate business degree, you may find some of these courses to be too basic. Usually this is in your major or minor areas. Because of this, we can permit you to substitute advanced courses in those subject areas. There are many factors to be considered when deciding to advance place out of the core courses. You need to speak with the MBA advisor who must approve the substitution.  These substitutions do not shorten your program.

What are the thirteen courses needed?

MBA students are required to complete the core (BADM 401, ACCT 405, ECON 403, INFS 401, MGMT 403, MGMT 407, MKTG 406, FIN 408 and MGMT 489), a three-course concentration and one elective.

What is a concentration?

A concentration is a set of three related courses that provide you an area of expertise.  Many concentrations are available, including accounting, economics, fraud examination, finance, human resource management, information systems, international business, leadership, management, and marketing.  Also available are some non-business areas such as integrated marketing communications, telecommunications, hospitality management, non-profit management, public administration, health services administration, and training and development.  You may also propose an individualized concentration.

Is there a time limit for completing my degree?

Yes. You must complete all degree requirements within six years of when you enroll in your first degree-related course. There are 18 semesters/terms in six years (fall, spring and summer). This means that an MBA student taking only one course a semester will finish six semesters, or two years, before reaching this deadline.

How many courses should I take in a semester?

There is no required number of courses per semester. Full-time students take three courses per semester. Students holding a full-time job are strongly advised to attend on a part-time basis (one or two classes).  Students with financial aid and/or Roosevelt scholarships are required to take at least 6 s.h. (two courses) each term.

What semesters are the courses offered?

The MBA core courses are offered on both campuses every semester (fall, spring, and summer). The concentration courses are offered based upon demand, but in general, all our courses are offered at least once a year at both campuses.

Is there a particular order to which I should take my classes?

BADM 401 must be completed by the end of your first full semester.  We often suggest starting with either MGMT 403 or ACCT 405.  Both of these courses are prerequisites for FIN 408, which in turn is a prerequisite for MGMT 489.  It’s best to start taking your concentration courses before when finishing all of the core courses.  Waiting until the end limits your choices of concentration and elective classes. If you are considering a concentration area, we suggest taking the relevant core course as soon as possible.  Most concentration courses require the basic core courses as a prerequisite. This strategy permits the greatest number of options for your concentration courses.

What times are the courses offered?

Our courses are scheduled for the working adult’s convenience. Most courses meet one night each week for 2 ½ hours. We also have courses that meet on Saturdays. In addition, we are always experimenting with different time frames, for example, all day Saturday for six Saturdays, or meeting twice a week in the late afternoon. Many of our students find these creative schedules attractive.

Can I complete the MBA at one campus?

Yes.  The complete MBA program is offered at both the Chicago and Schaumburg Campuses.  All required core classes are offered at each campus in the fall, spring, and summer terms.  The Real Estate and Economics concentrations are only offered in Chicago. You are welcome to take classes at each campus.

I’m not sure what I want for a concentration.  Will this create problems?

The earlier you select a concentration the better in terms of creating a flexible schedule. The longest you would want to wait before making a decision is just prior to registering for your sixth course. For help with making the decision, you might consult the Career Services Office, the MBA advisor, or instructors in the appropriate area.

Can I earn a double concentration?

Yes, and it usually takes two extra courses: the 9 core courses, three courses in your first concentration, and three courses for your second concentration. If you are interested in this option, we recommend completing one concentration entirely before beginning the second. Remember, "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."

Are there any online courses?

BADM 401 is only offered online.  There are currently no other MBA classes offered online.  We truly value the in-class experience.  The concentration in Training and Development may be completed online.

Does Roosevelt accept transfer credits?

Yes. For the MBA we can accept up to nine semester credits of graduate level course work. The courses must be from a regionally accredited institution and the student must have earned a grade of B or above. In addition, the credits couldn’t have been applied towards another degree the student has already earned. Finally, your advisor will have to approve the course work transfer and will also decide how it/they are to be applied (on a core concentration or elective course).  Your six year time limit also begins with the first transfer course.

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