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Graduate Credential in Business Fraud Examination

A new frontier in accounting and business information systems is fraud examination. The number of information security incidents is on the rise, as is the need for professionals who can deal with these incidents. Because almost every crime can potentially leave digital evidence, knowledge of information systems is required for the certificate along with knowledge of accounting and law enforcement. Students will learn how to conduct investigations, present their findings, and identify the "red flags" that may be present if a fraud is occurring.

About the Program

Business Fraud Examination / Accounting Forensics is the specialty practice that looks at the evidence behind the numbers and then digs into their contents. Forensic accountants, also referred to as forensic auditors or investigative auditors, often assist lawyers in performing investigations or acting as expert witnesses in the litigation process. Fraud examination and forensic accounting combines the skills of an accountant, an auditor and an investigator. To be successful in this profession, you should have a sense of curiosity and through the program you will develop strong analytical and deductive skills and professional judgment.

This five-course (15 semester hours) credential is designed to provide students with in-depth coverage of fraud examination and the skill set necessary to prevent and detect fraud. The five required courses are outlined in the Roosevelt University Graduate Catalog.

Admission Requirements

Students must hold a Bachelors degree. Students must meet the same basic admissions requirements as graduate business degree programs.

Advisor for Graduate Studies

  • Downtown appointments: (312) 281-3293
  • Schaumburg appointments: (847) 619-4850