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Internship FAQs

Here are some common questions we get about the internship program for the Walter E. Heller College of Business:

Are internships required? Credit or non-credit internships?

Internships are not required by the Heller College of Business, however students are highly encouraged to incorporate internships into their college programs. Most of our business degree programs allow room for one or more internships for credit to be included in the curriculum.

Does the internship have to be directly related to major? Who grants the credit/approval for the internship?

Internships should be related to a students academic focus and interest. Students doing internships for credit must have pre-approval by the College Internship Coordinator and acknowledged by a respective Dean.

Is there a course students must enroll in?

Internships for credit are organized as an official college courses with academic and work requirements. There are several internship courses at the Heller College of Business offering students options to meet requirements for programs, majors and electives.

Internships can be performed during any semester: Fall, Spring or Summer.

Can students receive credit for paid internships?

Internships for credit can be paid or unpaid. There are some restrictions on pay such as no commission selling.

Is there a packet of information available to students on internship requirements?

Each internship course has a course syllabus which outlines internship requirements, restrictions, and course expectations. The various syllabus are available in hard copy and on-line at the College of Business web-site.

Does the college place interns?

No, you need to find your internship and have it approved by the internship coordinator as acceptable for the program

Is there a list of past internship sites/companies students have done internships? Sites that welcome Roosevelt interns?

We maintain records of past internship sites. However, internships often vary from semester to semester depending on student interest and internship needs. Many former internships are not repeated in successive semesters for various reasons. Likewise, many new internships are introduced to the college through student initiative. We also have some internship sites that seek out Roosevelt students because of good experiences with our student body or through alumni involvement. 

How do I find out more about the program and requirements?

Sample internship course syllabi are available online. Click here for a sample Undergraduate-level syllabus or Graduate-level syllabus.

For more information, contact Internship Coordinator George Seyk at "I actively work with business students on all aspects of their internship needs and I academically supervise the internship courses for credit."