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College of Business International Study Opportunities


There are many learning opportunities and benefits for doing internships that can add value to your education and help prepare you for the future.

“Even though I knew the company’s mission, I still wasn’t sure what to expect in the beginning. Since I didn’t have any organizational experience, I was a little bit unsure of myself. Looking back I feel 1WORLD put me in an ideal situation. I wasn’t forced to work with a big company where my opinion or thoughts couldn’t be voiced. Instead, I worked with a small team, where everyone had equivalent roles… There were three or four occasions during my three months working where we were able to work off location. This was to help promote the fitness program that we were running over the time I was there… In the end I learned a lot. I was able to see how business relationships are built, the value of teamwork and how important communication is. Also, I learned that patience is critical, Several times I would try to contact someone because I needed information or was attempting to coordinate an event and they would be late to get back to me. This experience over the past three months has helped prepare me for when I begin working full time.”

--Justin Cornelius, MBA candidate

Objectives can be:
  • Gaining new know-how, abilities and skill sets
  • Developing insight to a profession, industry or business
  • Applying learned academic knowledge in actual business settings
  • Pursuing challenging goals and developing self confidence
    Acquiring work experience that complements your degree
  • Exploring or affirming possible career aspirations

Benefits can be:

  • Improving employment opportunities or advancement
  • Obtaining academic credit for meaningful work experience
  • Enhancing your resume and providing for job references

... more than 60% of interns in America are eventually offered full-time jobs.  The Economist

Internship FAQs

“Making phone calls has been a new experience. At Menards I answer the phone and answer questions a customer might have, but I have never had to call a client to follow up on an invitation and try to persuade them to come to the meetings… I am very glad to have had this opportunity. I learned a lot, and feel that as I look for a future job in my degree, it will be very beneficial and give me an upper hand when being compared to other applicants.”

-- Katie Passeri, BSBA candidate


For qualified undergraduate students, we offer internships in:

The example Undergraduate Internship Syllabus provides more details on what is expected in these internship courses. The Undergraduate Internship Acknowledgement will be filled out along with the Internship Coordinator for your specific internship.


For qualified graduate students, we offer internships in:

The example Graduate Internship Syllabus provides more details on what is expected in these internship courses. The Graduate Internship Acknowledgement will be filled out along with the Internship Coordinator for your specific internship.

“On my first day, I was told that one of the administrative assistants and I would be trading desks – my confining cubicle for her beautiful wooden desk. Over the next ten weeks, I would also be given more responsibility, including more administrative tasks, learning how to assemble tax returns, and compiling a weekly office-wide work-in progress report…Then as my internship was winding down to a close, I met with the HR manager, who told me that the management staff would like me to continue working at the company full-time after graduation. We set up a tentative schedule, and then I met with my boss to finalize my responsibilities, ask any questions, and talk money… Then, finally, the discussion got to salary and benefits. I was so nervous about this part of the meeting that a few days before I prepared by going to… she knew I needed some help figuring out how much I should ask for… she said, ‘No, go higher!’… I could not be any happier working for such a great boss and a well-respected company. What a perfect way to end the last week of my internship!”

-- Lindsey Pawlowski, BSBA candidate

Getting Started

  • Discuss your plans with the Internship Coordinator, Geoge Seyk, or make an appointment with the Assistant Deans of Undergraduate / Graduate Studies (your advisor): 
    - Chicago: (312) 281-3293 
    - Schaumburg: (847) 619-4850
  • In general, you are responsible for finding an internship position. You may find our Employment web page useful in finding such a position.


We can help you take the first step:

  • What is the time frame for an internship?
  • How many hours per week would a student be available?
  • What about compensation?
  • How do I advertise my internship position?

Get answers to these questions and more. Contact George Seyk, Internship Coordinator.