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How to Understand the Course Equivalency Lists

Transfer Credit Guides are best used with the guidance of a Roosevelt University admission counselor. Although it is important to have accurate information about the transferability of courses, it is equally important to know whether they fit into the student’s intended program of study.

The courses on the white lines show the prefix and number as listed in the transfer school's catalog. The shaded lines indicate how Roosevelt will accept the course in transfer.

Courses listed with departmental prefixes (such as PSYC, MATH and HIST) and course numbers are exact equivalents. Courses with no equivalent course at Roosevelt but able to be given departmental credit are listed as 1XX for 100 level departmental electives or as 2XX for 200 level departmental electives.

Mathematics courses may be listed as MATH 1XX or MATH 10X. Both carry transfer credit, but the MATH 1XX designation indicates that the course meets general education requirements.

No credit or non-transferable courses are not listed, however there may be courses that are unlisted that do carry transfer credit. To check the status of an unlisted course or for other questions, please call the Roosevelt University Credit Evaluator at 312-341-2042 or 847-619-7965.

A maximum of 66 s.h. from any regionally academically accredited two-year institution may apply to the degree.

Since Fall 2002, no physical education course work is transferable.

Information for Hospitality & Performing Arts Students

Hospitality Management classes are not listed because they transfer only into the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management. All hospitality management course work and experience will be evaluated individually by the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Music courses for music majors will be individually evaluated by the Music Conservatory. A maximum of 10 s.h. of Dance can be applied to a Theatre degree. For all other degrees, Dance is treated as physical education which has no transferable credit.