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Harold Washington College

Welcome Harold Washington Students!

Roosevelt University is proud that the late Mayor of Chicago, Harold Washington, is one of our distinuished alumni.  Mr. Washington has been featured in several tributes at the university including an exhibit at Roosevelt's Gage Gallery.

Scholarship Opportunities

Harold Washington College students are eligible for transfer scholarships to attend Roosevelt.  Ask your admission counselor about Roosevelt's Phi Theta Kappa scholarship award.

Recommended Courses

Reverse Transfer Agreement

The Reverse Transfer Agreement enables transfer students who transfer to Roosevelt University before completing their Associate's Degree at one of the City Colleges of Chicago, to be awarded the Associate Degree by the City Colleges of Chicago after completing their Bachelor's degree at Roosevelt University.

Reverse Transfer Process

Students from all of the City Colleges of Chicago who are interested in the Reverse Transfer Agreement will need to inform the Roosevelt University Office of Admission when they apply for admission.  If a student decides to participate in the reverse transfer agreement after enrolling at Roosevelt University, the student should contact the Office of the Registrar.

Students will not be allowed to participate in the Reverse Transfer Agreement until they complete the CCC_Reverse_Transfer_FERPA_Form.  The FERPA form permits Roosevelt University to share the student's transfer information with the City Colleges of Chicago.

Contact Us

Jennifer Jones, Transfer Coordinator in the Office of Admission, will assist you in making a successful transition to Roosevelt.  Contact Jennifer at 312-341-2288 or