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Admission FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Admission

Do you require a personal essay and letters of recommendation?

A personal essay is not required but highly recommended. Letters of recommendation are not required but highly recommended as well.

What are your ACT, SAT and FAFSA codes?

ACT: Roosevelt's college code is 1124
SAT: Roosevelt's college code is 1666
FAFSA: Roosevelt's school code is 001749

Can I double major in theatre/music and something else?

Unfortunately, no. Because of the course rigor and requirements for a performing arts student, it is virtually impossible to complete both degrees in four years. There are some courses however that can be taken in conjunction with either major.  Make sure to speak with an academic advisor for these options.

If I am taking college credit while in high school, do I need to provide the college transcript?

Yes, the courses you have taken may be transferable and you would want to ensure that you receive credit for them. Have a final official copy of your transcripts sent to Roosevelt's Office of Admission.

Do you have a foreign language requirement?

No, at this time we do not require students to complete foreign language classes as part of their degree. Please keep in mind specific majors encourage students to have a foreign language.

Do you have a ROTC program?

No, Roosevelt University does not offer ROTC.

Where is Roosevelt University located?

We have two distinct campuses: downtown Chicago and northwest suburban Schaumburg, Illinois. In Chicago, we are located in the heart of the city: the Auditorium Building at 430 S. Michigan Ave., the Gage Building at 18 S. Michigan Ave., and our 32-story Wabash Building at 425 S. Wabash Ave.  In Schaumburg, our campus is located in a major business corridor at the intersection of Route 53 and I-90 near Woodfield Mall and IKEA.  Roosevelt also has several online programs.

How many transfer credits does Roosevelt accept?

Undergraduate students are able to transfer in up to 66 semester hours from a regionally accredited two year college, and up to 90 semester hours from a regionally accredited four year school. Our transfer website has additional information. Graduate students are allowed to transfer in 6-9 transfer credits (this varies by program).

How do I find out which classes will transfer and how many credits will be accepted?

The best way to do this is by making an appointment with an admission counselor, who can help you figure out where your courses will fit and what you'll need to complete here. If you attend one of the local community colleges, you can also check our transfer website to find out for yourself!

How many students attend Roosevelt?

Approximately 6,300 students are enrolled at Roosevelt University. Approximately 60% of our students are enrolled in undergraduate programs, while approximately 40% are enrolled in graduate programs.

How diverse is your school?

Roosevelt University is proud to be one of the most diverse universities in the Midwest. Nearly 50% of our students are African American, Asian American, Native American, Latino, and multi-racial and 4% of our students come from foreign countries. The diversity of our student body also extends to a wide variety of education backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities.

How safe is your campus?

Safety is naturally a concern at any college.  At both of our campuses, we have campus safety staff to monitor the facilities at all times. Our residence halls have a 24-hour security staff. At our Schaumburg Campus, students can be escorted to their cars after an evening class. We also encourage students to be attentive and aware when they are around campus.

What is the average class size?

The average undergraduate class has about 21 students.  Many of Roosevelt's classrooms seat 45 students or fewer.

What is your application deadline?

Roosevelt has a rolling admission calendar, which means that we do not have an application deadline. However, at the graduate level many programs do have specific deadlines.  We do encourage students to submit their materials well in advance of the start of the term to ensure your enrollment process is smooth.

What kind of scholarships do you offer new undergraduate students?

Roosevelt undergraduate scholarships are awarded based on your current GPA for transfer students and GPA plus ACT or SAT scores for high school students. The scholarships range from $1,000 to $16,000 and are renewable annually as long as students maintain full time enrollment, good academic standing and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.  Students majoring in performing arts are awarded scholarships through the Chicago College of Performing Arts.

Do I have to apply for undergraduate scholarships?

The undergraduate scholarships awarded by the Office of Admission do not require individual applications.  You will be considered for scholarships automatically upon admission to Roosevelt, unless you major in performing arts.

Do you accept AP credit?

Yes! Students who take the AP exam in any subject and score a "3" may receive three college credits in that subject. If you score a 4 or 5, you may receive six credits in that subject. You can earn up to 30 semester hours of credit (a full year) through AP credit.

Are students required to live on campus?

Chicago Campus freshmen who begin college at Roosevelt and do not reside at home (and other exceptions may apply) are required to live in university housing for two years.  Read more about the university housing policy.

Can I receive financial aid in addition to scholarships?

Yes, more that 90% of Roosevelt students receive some kind of financial aid based on need and/or merit. Students are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after January 1 each year to determine how much aid can be awarded.  Roosevelt's FAFSA code is 001749.