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I want to attend graduate school.  How do I get started?

Welcome to Roosevelt!  Please follow these steps:

  1. Choose a program 
  2. Fill out a graduate application
  3. Submit official transcripts from all graduate or undergraduate institutions attended regardless of whether a degree was earned 
  4. Submit a $25 application fee
  5. Review specific program requirements (refer to Requirements for specific information)

What do I do if I only want to take one or a couple graduate classes?

In this case you would apply to Roosevelt as a student-at-large or non-degree seeking student. Non-degree seeking students must still meet all the admission requirements required by the program within which the course is offered. You must also complete a graduate student at large application.

Students may not enroll as students-at-large within the Heller College of Business.

I am not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, how do I apply?

If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident you are considered an international student, and may need to submit additional documents. Please visit the International Student Admission page for further information.

I need to defer or cancel my admission, change my enrollment term, or apply to a different program, what should I do?

Please contact the Office of Graduate Admission by calling 312-281-3252 or emailing to let us know of your decision.

What about transfer credits?

Graduate students are usually allowed to transfer six to nine transfer credits, but the policy varies by program. Please contact a representative from your program’s department for more information.

What is Roosevelt's institution code for the GRE, GMAT, and financial aid?

For standardized test scores, Roosevelt's institution code is: 1666.
The Roosevelt FAFSA code is: 001749.

How do I know my online application was submitted?

Once you submit your completed application materials, you will receive an email confirming your submission. If applying by mail, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery, sometimes longer for international mail. In considering whether the application has met the deadline, the dated postmark on the envelope is considered. If you still have not heard after four weeks, contact the Office of Graduate Admission at 312-281-3252 or email: .

Are graduate assistantships and scholarships available?

We do offer graduate assistantships and scholarships. You may apply on the Financial Aid website using their assistantship/scholarship application. This application may be submitted before you are admitted to your program. The scholarship/assistantship application deadline for the following fall and spring semesters is March 1.

How do I apply for financial aid?

For financial aid information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid . Students must be enrolled in at least six credit-hours to receive financial aid. Students-at-large are not eligible for financial aid.

How long will it take to complete my degree?

The time for degree completion varies by program. Most Master's programs can be completed in two years of full-time enrollment (9 credit hours per semester) or up to five years of part-time enrollment (3-6 credit hours per semester).

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling or School Counseling programs generally take three years to complete full-time, including practicum requirements.
  • Teacher Certification Programs generally take two years to complete full-time, including student teacher and observation requirements.
  • Clinical Psychology, PsyD and Educational Leadership, EdD programs take five years full-time if you enter the program with bachelor's degree.

Can I apply to more than one graduate program at a time?

You may not apply to more than one graduate program at a time. However, if you are denied admission to one program, you may apply for a second program for the same term if that program is still accepting applications.

If you are already enrolled in a graduate program, you may apply to a second or concurrent graduate program. In this situation you will need to submit a Graduate Concurrent Degree form. Please contact the Office of Graduate Admission at 312-281-3252 or email: .

My address has changed. Whom should I notify?

If you are not a registered graduate student at Roosevelt, send your new information, along with the end date if it is a temporary change, to , and to your department. If you are a registered graduate student at Roosevelt, you may edit your mailing address through RU Access.

How much does it cost to attend?

The Office of Student Accounts posts the tuition and fee schedule online each academic year.

Does the graduate school offer courses in the evening or on weekends?

Yes. The majority of our graduate courses are available in the evening as well as some that are available on Saturday. Visit the Registrar's page for information about the schedule of classes.

Does the university offer student housing?

Yes. Housing is available for Roosevelt's Chicago Campus students. Please visit Residence Life for more information.  Graduate students must be full-time to live in university housing.

If I meet required deadlines, when can I expect to receive a decision?

Once all your application materials have been submitted, the amount of time will vary depending on the program. Please consult your program director for more specific information.

I don't meet the minimum GPA requirements for my program. What are my options?

If you do not meet the minimum GPA requirement you may submit additional supporting documents (i.e., personal goal statement, letters of recommendation, a resume, or GRE scores). However, submitting additional materials does not guarantee admission to your program of interest. You may also set up an appointment with an admission counselor to discuss your past experiences and how to obtain your future goals.

I was admitted! How do I register for classes?

Congratulations and welcome to Roosevelt! Please review the Admitted Student Checklist

How do I visit the campus? How do I get there? What are my parking options?

In order to visit the campus, please contact the Office of Graduate Admission by calling 312-281-3252, or email . We would be glad to schedule an appointment with an admission counselor or a tour of our campus! Maps, directions and travel information to campus can be found online under Campus and Community for each campus building.

To what address do I send my application materials?

All application materials regardless of which campus you plan to attend, should be sent to the admission processing center:
Roosevelt University Admission Processing
1400 N. Roosevelt Blvd.
Schaumburg IL. 60173.

Please include your full name and date of birth with your application materials.

I sent my materials. Why was I notified that my application is incomplete?

Double check with your institution(s) to see if they have sent your transcripts. If they confirm they have been sent, please allow at least a week for it to arrive and be processed.

Can I send in recommendation letters and transcripts myself?

Yes. You may mail your transcripts and recommendation letters yourself provided they are in a sealed envelope with a signature or stamp across the seal. Letters and transcripts are only considered official, if they remain unopened.

Are there opportunities for graduate students to get involved on campus?

Yes. Roosevelt University offers several opportunities to get involved. Please visit the Center for Student Involvement pages for more information.

Were all of your questions answered on this page? If not, please contact the Office of Graduate Admission, by calling 312-281-3252 or emailing: