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CCPA Housing Policies

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All new undergraduates are required to live on campus for at least 2 years.  New undergraduates will have the option to live in the new state-of-the-art Vertical Campus on Wabash Avenue, adjacent to the Auditorium Building. Students also have the option to live at the University Center, a recently built facility that is shared with two other colleges (Columbia College and DePaul University), and ROW (Roosevelt on Washington), in apartment-style units.

Graduate students are not required to live on campus, although students may live in the residence halls if desired.

Automatic exemptions to the housing requirement:

  1. If a student will be 21 by the start of classes of their entering term, he or she will be exempted from the housing requirement.  However, that student can still choose to live on campus if he or she prefers.

  2. If a student has completed 30 credit hours of college credit (proof by transcript required) , he or she will be exempted from the housing requirement.  Again, a student may always choose to live on campus if preferred.

Additional exemptions may be granted at the discretion of Dean Patrick Zylka if:

  1. Student is living at home with a parent or legal guardian.  The student must have reliable access to transportation and will be expected to be on time to classes, rehearsals and performances, regardless of the commute.  The Parent or Legal Guardian must sign the housing waiver.

  2. Student is married, in a domestic partnership, civil union, and/or is a parent.

  3. Student can demonstrate (through the FAFSA) a significant financial need.

4. Student has a medical/psychological reason for not living on campus, and has documentation in the form of a doctor's note.

In order to qualify for any of the above exemptions, returning students must submit the Housing Policy Exemption Application to AUD 918 by April 15, 2014. New students must submit the exemption application by July 15, 2015.