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Who are we?


Reflecting the ideals of its founders in 1945, Roosevelt University is a private, nonsectarian community of educators, scholars, and learners committed to academic, creative, and service excellence who value differences in personal experiences and perspectives; ask the difficult questions; and promote mutual understanding, inclusion, social consciousness, and action toward social justice. Recognizing that difference broadens perspectives, Roosevelt University seeks and serves a diverse, promising student body from metropolitan Chicago and around the world.

The hallmarks of the Roosevelt University experience are strong student-faculty interaction and engagement with metropolitan Chicago as both a laboratory for learning and as an expression of its commitment to social justice. The experience is created through the efforts of a strong faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, and creative activity and a staff equally focused on helping students grow and achieve their educational and life goals.

Roosevelt is a metropolitan university that is an active partner in the social, economic and cultural development of the communities it serves. It offers a broad array of academic programs, from the baccalaureate through doctoral levels, in a highly interactive environment where students can explore, discover, and develop their unique abilities and interests.


Roosevelt University is nationally recognized for providing transformational experiences and opportunities for discovery that create socially conscious citizens who are leaders in their professions and their communities.

Core Values

Drawing from the events of its founding, Roosevelt University is guided by the following core values that are grounded in social consciousness and action that create a just society, offer opportunity, and develop individuals:

Diversity and Inclusivity

- leading to embracing and celebrating differences and the ability to be courageous in our decisions.

Enlightenment and Awareness

- leading to enhanced understanding and significant and impactful lives.

Integrity and Civility

- leading to an ability to identify universal and personal truths, to respectful discourse and an understanding of one’s responsibility to act for the good of the whole.

Adaptability and Transformation

- leading to intellectual growth and a willingness to engage in challenges that broaden thinking and address practical problems.

Knowledge and Wisdom

- leading to actions that create the greater good for our society.