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Goal #4

Increase/diversify non-tuition revenues


What do we want to do?

Desired Outcomes

By Fall 2018: Desired
Rental fees (activities, events, summer residence hall, etc.) generate annual revenues of $2 million. $2,000,000
Roosevelt University generates total annual revenues of $6.3 million through contracts;  sponsored programs; and training and research grants. $6,300,000
Coordination of continuing and professional education offerings in the colleges collectively generate annual revenues of $500,000. $500,000
Total annual unrestricted donations are $2 million. $2,000,000
Total annual restricted donations are $4 million. $4,000,000
Mission-related businesses that leverage Roosevelt University’s strengths (e.g., pharmacy clinic, development opportunities at Schaumburg) generate annual excess revenues of $500,000. $500,000
Annual leasing revenues (bookstore, coffee shop, cafeterias, antennae, vending machines, etc.) are $450,000.  $450,000
Total non-tuition operating budget revenues: $15,750,000
Non-operating capital grants from government sources total $3 million per year $3,000,000
Note: Non-operating capital grants are shown separately as they are not part of the annual operating income. Capital grants are used for building repair, maintenance, replacements, or new infrastructure construction, and are considered non-operating capital transactions.

How are we going to do it?


  1. Increase rental of University space.
  2. Expand the number of contracts, training, sponsored programs, and research grants.
  3. Offer more continuing and professional education programs.
  4. Increase unrestricted annual contributions.
  5. Increase restricted annual contributions.
  6. Develop mission-related entrepreneurial ventures that generate revenues.
  7. Expand the revenues generated from leasing University space.

Where are we now?