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Goal #2

Enhance the total student experience to increase retention, graduation rates, and enrollment; and cultivate students being at home in a diverse community


What do we want to do?

Desired Outcomes

  • Actively recruit students with a commitment to social justice that upholds the mission, vision, and values of Roosevelt University;

  • Proudly maintain a historical commitment of enrolling students of promise;

  • Continue to be a comprehensive university with strong undergraduate and graduate degree programs;

  • Renew a commitment to adult degree completion and transfer students throughout our communities;

  • Maintain commitment to full-time freshmen and professional graduate degree students; and

  • Enroll a student body that meets or exceeds the enrollment projections set forth in the University’s bond covenants.

  • Programs and services will be in place to improve student persistence and degree completion.

    By Fall 2018: Desired
    The second-year retention rate among freshmen at all campuses will be at or above mean of comparable peer groups. 70%
    The second-year retention rate among transfer students will be at or above mean of comparable peer groups. 82%
    Programs and services will be in place to improve the six-year graduation rate for full-time freshmen entering in fall 2018 will be at or above the mean of comparable peer groups. 51%
    (2012 cohort)
    The graduation rate among masters students will increase by a minimum of 7 percent. 78%

  • Results from surveys of student satisfaction and educational gains will exceed the average of peer institutions in areas of critical importance to student recruitment, retention, and academic success as measured by the Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) and National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).

How are we going to do it?


  1. Improve academic advising.
  2. Develop an effective early alert program.
  3. Create stronger and coordinated internship and career-development programs for each entity.
  4. Establish learning and theme communities.
  5. Provide consistent, accessible, respectful, and efficient services to students, (the C.A.R.E. Program).
  6. Establish a summer bridge program to help students make a successful transition into college.

Where are we now?