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Goal #1

Bring greater clarity to the role and mission of Roosevelt University as a whole, for the Chicago and Schaumburg campuses, and for the Adult/Experiential Learning Program; and strengthen social justice and civic engagement


What do we want to do?

Desired Outcomes

  • Roosevelt University will become more nimble, effective, and responsive to the different regional, national, and global educational market needs and opportunities.

  • Each college or academic major will review its curricula and instructional delivery approaches to ensure that all students have ample opportunities to learn

How are we going to do it?


  1. Create distinctive marketplaces—Chicago, Schaumburg, Adult/Experiential—to become more responsive to the needs of the community and deliver instruction.

    1. Conduct an evidence-based, consultative, and inclusive process that will investigate how to respond to distinctive marketplaces and develop appropriate budgetary allocations, governance structures, and leadership structures to best meet the needs of students.

  2. Develop a Social Justice Inventory (SJI) of the current social justice–oriented activities and curricula in place, and act on findings.

    1. Promote opportunities for Roosevelt University and community members to participate;
    2. Identify opportunities to streamline and facilitate social justice initiatives; and
    3. Fill gaps in social justice–oriented programming and support expansion and innovation.

  3. Develop a mechanism for faculty and students to conduct research on significant community problems.

    1. Create a research institute to study and develop applied policy solutions to problems facing communities and to create training for community organizations to help them do their work.
    2. Connect and synergize existing institutes.

  4. Develop an annual ranking of the most socially conscious organizations in recognition of Roosevelt’s unique mission.

Where are we now?