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Office of Change Management (OCM)

“Good ideas with no ideas on how to implement them are wasted ideas.”  Michael Fullan

Change Management is a structured approach to shifting/transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state.[1]


The Office of Change Management (OCM) at Roosevelt University is an unbiased and supportive unit charged with facilitating the successful implementation of the Institutional Strategic Plan (ISP), working in collaboration with various academic and administrative leaders, faculty, and students.

Located in the Office of the President, the OCM will also be a source of successful implementation of new ideas and programs as they have emerged in the creation of the ISP.  In the longer term, the success of OCM will depend on its being an agency which helps the leadership of the University at all levels develop new ideas, seek and secure approval for their implementation, and then assures their successful launch.

OCM Steering Committee

The OCM Steering Committee will be a cross functional team of key individuals who directly interface with the strategies of the ISP.  This team will provide counsel and guidance throughout the implementation process and will serve as a source for strategic thinking across all units.

  • Michael Ford, Chief of Staff and Vice President for Change Management, Chair
  • Sheila Coffin, Associate Provost for Academic Services
  • Steve Hoselton, Associate Vice President, Campus Planning & Operations
  • Neeraj Kumar, Chief Information Officer
  • Deb Orr, Interim Dean, CPS
  • Sam Rosenberg, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Toyia Stewart, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources
  • Linda WilkinsonHead of Public Services and Director, Schaumburg Campus Library

[1]Organizational Change Management & the Complexity Gap, by By David Lee