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From Our Community

"Roosevelt University prides itself on inclusiveness. We have always been inclusive—have always included those individuals and groups of individuals who, for one reason or another, were marginalized or excluded from mainstream society, including the LGBT community."

Chuck Middleton, President

“From my time as a student to my current role as a member of the staff, I have always found Roosevelt to be the best place to grow and learn—academically and professionally. Because of the University’s dedication to inclusiveness and a commitment to valuing each person based on their abilities, I am so proud to continue to be part of this family.”

C.J. Dillon, Interim Chief Operating Officer, Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University

“I am proud to belong to a community that actively and enthusiastically cultivates inclusion among its students, faculty, and staff. The diversity of our experiences, our backgrounds, and our selves is one of our community’s greatest riches.”

Freeda Brook, Scholarly Communication Librarian

“At Roosevelt University, we pride ourselves on celebrating the rich and vibrant identities of our entire student body. We want nothing more than for you to be who you are and to grow into the person you are to become.”

Patrick Zylka, Assistant Dean for Enrollment and Student Services, Chicago College of Performing Arts

“I’ve worked at Roosevelt for 37 years. All this time I have been openly and freely gay, and proud to be a member of the Roosevelt community. This is truly a place to explore, question, and share. A place to make and build friendships. And a place to discover oneself in a hostile world. Roosevelt is a good place to be gay.”

Jonathan C. Smith, Professor of Psychology

“Never before have I been to a place where I am so accepted. At Roosevelt, I can truly be myself and I feel at home."

Brandon Rohlwing, Class of 2016

“I was drawn to Roosevelt’s psychology doctorate program because of the incredible internship opportunities to work with the LGBT community. I am now doing an introductory practicum with my population of interest at Chicago’s Howard Brown Health Center. Roosevelt was invaluable in helping me to get such an exciting and unique opportunity.”

Dan Flave-Novak, PsyD student

“Come to Chicago and Roosevelt University … where you can be proud of who you are and where differences are celebrated.”

Jonathan Skidmore, master’s student

“Roosevelt is a place that truly is a community of individuals. Our students reflect the remarkable diversity of Chicago and the suburbs, particularly within the GLBTQ community.”

Eric Tammes, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Services

“As an ally to the LGBTQ community, I am proud to work at Roosevelt, the first American university to install an openly gay president. Roosevelt has always been a pioneer in recognizing and confronting social injustices, starting with the University’s decision in 1945 to allow admission to all qualified students regardless of race, gender or religious affiliation, decades before the passage of civil rights laws.”

Jennifer Tani, Director, Community Engagement

“We will have succeeded as a society when we are able to embrace all people and celebrate who they are, regardless of any differences that we may have. Working toward a fully inclusive society is a worthy enterprise. I’m grateful to be at Roosevelt, where we can work together toward such a fully inclusive University.”

Gretchen Van Natta, Vice President, Human Resources

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